Fleet Management

Fleet Management Solutions

Simplify management of your Transportation and Logistics business. Full-stack fleet management platform for all your operations, safety, and compliance needs
Manage your entire fleet operations on a single platform. Track your fleet in real-time, manage trips, get performance analytics and reports, and geofence alerts.

Why CodeAfrica's Fleet Management Solutions?

Unmatched Fleet Safety

Unparalleled visibility into fleet safety and more insightful business decisions.

Irrespective of the number of vehicles in your fleet,CodeAfrica’s GPS fleet management software is determined to monitor & protect your asset from theft or harm.

Get live over-speeding alerts, alerts on entry and exit points, monitor idling in real time, etc., and get vehicle services and maintenance alerts.

Our fleet management solutions allow you to turn on the vehicle lock from CodeAfrica’s fleet vehicle tracking app and be assured that the vehicle in your fleet won’t start without your consent.

Reduced Operational Costs

Planned maintenance, driver coaching, and more.

Manage every crucial aspect of your daily fleet operations with just a click. Keep check on your drivers, their driving assignments, and their geolocation at any time.

Get diagnostic, mileage, and health reports of all the vehicles in your fleet so that you can worry less about your fleet’s well-being and concentrate more on expanding your business.

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